Stirrer: Stirrer Assemblies for use with Spherical/ Cylindrical Vessels generally comprises two main components such as a Drive Unit (including Shaft Seal) and a Stirrer Shaft. In addition, a Reducer or Vessel Cover is normally required to connect the Top Neck of the Vessel to the Drive Unit. Special Stirrers in Glass and MS – PTFE can be designed for specific application as per customer requirement.

Variable Speed Drive Units can be supplied with Electric Motors. Shaft Seals are designed to operate either under Vacuum or at Pressure upto the maximum recommended for the Vessel

Chuck & Seal: Glass Reducer/ FEP Lined Reducing Flange is required to connect the Chuck & Seal to Top Neck of the Vessel. Bellow Seal is used for atmospheric pressure or upto the pressure permitted into the Glass Vessel. Mechanical Seal is used for high vacuum application

Chuck & Seal Assembly consists of Chuck, Bellow Seal or Mechanical Seal, Glass Seal Plate, Clamping Plate, Flexible Shaft, Stud, etc.

Motor: Foot Mounted Flame Proof Motor with reduction Gear Box ratio 1:10 (130 RPM) is supplied as standard. It must, therefore, be mounted on the support structure. A motor is coupled with the gearbox. The other end of the gearbox is coupled with Flexible Shaft. 1:7 (190 RPM) Reduction Gearbox can also be supplied on request. This should be specific at the time of inquiry.