The Mixer Settler is a revolutionary new device, which makes phase separation automatic and simple, irrespective of the concentration of two phases (interface height). The Mixer Settler is the name given to a type of Extractor made up of a number of Mixing and Settling Chambers connected alternately in series. In the mixing chambers, optimum mass transfer is achieved by through mixing of two phases with the aid of Pumps and Stirrers. In the simplest case, the Mixer Settler consists of;

• An adjustable Overflow Valve,

• Stirrer Drive Assembly

• Settling Zone

The mixing chamber consists of a cylindrical glass cover in which a variable speed stirrer drive is fitted. Glass Impeller Stirrer creates a negative pressure at the inlet, which can be used to draw liquid from a previous stage in the process. In the Mixing Zone, a Turbine Stirrer with Variable Speed Unit mixes the two phases and the mass transfer takes place during dispersion.

The transparency of Borosilicate Glass facilitates the adjustment of the Overflow Valve by visual monitoring whereby any change in the process conditions resulting into a change in layer (interface) height can be immediately adjusted by resetting the Overflow Valve. The resetting of the separation height is very simply achieved by rotating the Hand Wheel of the Overflow Valve Assembly in the Clock or Anti-Clock Direction.

Separation Zone: Separation of phases takes place in two phases. Firstly, the Turbulent Flow in the mixing zone must be brought under control and converted into Axial Flow. Then the mixer passes into the Separation Zone where the two phases separate, due to their specific gravity difference

Auto Continuous Separation: The adjustable Overflow Valve Assembly at one end of the Vessel can be set for any interface height. The position of the Overflow Weir is adjusted to suit the relative densities of the two phases. This valve can be operated externally such that the interface height can be Set or Reset depending on the operating process conditions. The separating head incorporates an Internal Overflow Weir, which is manually adjusted using a Hand Wheel.

Large Interface Plane Area: The Horizontal Glass Vessel of the Mixer Settler provides a large interface area of separation two immiscible liquid phases for a given volume. This enhances the efficiency of the separation process.