GARG GROUP // Chairman Speech
Thought of our life is
"You can" if you think, you can …………."



As a young glassblower I had started my career with Laboratory Glassware and there may be hardly any item that I have not fabricated with my own hands. Laboratory has always been my favourite area, although over the years, I gradually diverted to Industrial Glassware. It is my great pleasure to present you to our industrial catalogue with an assurance of quality as per International Standard of Practices.


It is said, “Every great company is the lengthened shadow of a single man”


With our management team, I have worked hard to achieve a certain position at which we are right now. As I look at the growth over the years, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and even more motivated about our position for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a single city start-up to become a respected company, gathering business from across the country, while earning our client’s trust along the way.


Garg Sci – Tech Glass has always considered Quality as its foremost concern and we aim to continue abiding by the highest ethical and compliance standards. Our dedicated, customer – oriented team provides a personal and customized service to our customers, building relationships along the way.


We have travelled a long way to become the Market Leaders in Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Industrial Equipment’s manufactures. This would not have been possible without your support & patronage.


At Garg Sci – Tech Glass, I take pride in standing tall and successful along with my employees and customers for maintaining core values and believing in us.

I sincerely hope that you as our valuable customers will trust our expertise, based on our decades of experience in the Scientific Glass Industry.

We look forward to your continuous support in our efforts to excel in our activities.


With Best Regards

Anil Garg

Managing Director